Our History

The company may not have started from backyard operations, but Mango Group’s beginnings were as difficult as most simple, humble companies with big dreams. The Mango Group’s company history is closely tied with Myanmar’s economic journey. During the closed period, when advertising was largely regulated by the former military government, a gap in the market for high quality advertising services surfaced when the last of the international advertising firms, Bates Myanmar, exited the country in 2003. Rose Swe and Lynn Lynn Tin Htun, took this as an opportunity to fill the gap and established Mango Marketing Co. Ltd. in 2004, which would be the building blocks of today’s Mango Group; and the spark that Myanmar’s marketing communications industry needed to flourish in the right direction.


The combination of Lynn Lynn’s marketing experience and Rose’s advertising expertise proved to be an excellent formula. Rose and Lynn Lynn brought their international experiences from working in other markets, along with former colleagues from their time at Bates Myanmar, to create a dynamic team that laid the foundations of the Mango Group. What started as a team of seven people grew to become Myanmar’s leading agency with the biggest billing and the largest manpower to date.


The early days was full of challenges: the industry was then a quiet and controlled environment, businesses preferred to buy advertising spots directly from media owners, and creative communications were not a priority for businesses in Yangon. The public’s advertising receptiveness was merely taking what the advertising industry gave them. The company operated out of two office rooms in Summit Parkview Hotel, and the team literally went door-to-door to get business. Finally, the team’s efforts paid off with TV program sponsorships on Myanmar’s two national TV channels then. Mango’s early clients included AA Pharmacy, Fair Deal, United Pharma, and IBTC. With Mango’s dedication to the craft and the support from these early clients, the company was able to collate high quality body of work, which became the substance of the esteemed reputation the company enjoys today.


In 2010, when Myanmar’s political and economic climate changed, Mango was ready to service multinational companies (MNCs) entering the market. Mango provided media and advertising services with local expertise at a high quality standard that the MNCs required.

We believe that transparency, trust and understanding are the keys to building relationships and fostering growth with our clients.

By 2012, Mango had grown to be a full service agency with creative, media buying, consumer engagement, and even public relations services. In momentum with the growth of the market, Rose and Lynn Lynn decided to take the company to the next level by creating separate business entities in 2013: Mango Media, Mango Marketing, and Mangosteen PR.


As Myanmar saw unprecedented changes in the telecommunication sector in 2014, mobile phone ownership and usage went skyrocketing, together with improving mobile penetration down to the countryside. Myanmar’s first time mobile phone owners not only owns a smart phone, but also is highly engaged on social networks such as Facebook, consumes news on apps, and converses with friends on messaging apps such as Viber.


In 2015, the Mango Group launched its digital marketing arm, not only to offer a complete 360 degree marketing communication services, but also to give its clients innovative and cutting-edge digital solutions to engage consumers directly. Brands were then able to strategically leverage Mango’s understanding of Myanmar’s cultural nuances, online and on-ground consumer behavior, industry-leading media network, and digital marketing expertise to make impactful connections with their target market.


Mango Group was committed to fuel further growth in the industry. After all, it is the largest and only integrated marketing communications group in the country. Its founders were key to the establishment of the Advertising Agencies Association of Myanmar (AAAM) in 2016, working together with other industry players with the purpose of driving the industry forward and create a competitive, yet professional business atmosphere among themselves.


Seeing how the market is growing and development all around is in full throttle, the Mango Group focused on its own expansion which gave birth to Passion Point Media, a full service agency to give clients more alternative choices in their search for integrated marketing communication services. Passion Point operates independently; and offers the same quality work that the Mango Group is known for.


The current Mango Group’s portfolio spans across various sectors including telecom, mobile and consumer electronics, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), fast moving consumer healthcare, transportation, aviation, and non-profits. In addition to local clients such as IBTC, which produces Grand Royal whisky, the Mango teams have been able to provide strategic communication services to global giants such as Unilever, Telenor, Samsung, Glaxo Smith Kline, Emirates, Metro Wholesale, Oishi, among others.


And things are just getting better over at our side of the yard…

Meet Our Founders

Aye Hnin Swe (Rose)
( Chief Executive Officer )

Lynn Lynn Tin Htun
( Managing Director )

Our Mission

We strive to provide Value Added Quality Services to create impactful communication in transparent and professional manners to achieve clients’ trust as a brand builder.


Our dedicated team works to design campaigns that not only maximize the market presence of our clients, but also focus on development and social responsibility in Myanmar. We believe that transparency, trust and understanding are the keys to building relationships and fostering growth with our clients.


We provide not only cost efficient service, but we also have competitive rates with value added service.

Our Vision

To be the first choice partner group that provides premium quality 360 Full-Service communications services, fulfilling the needs of organizations.

Our Promise

We value transparent and ethical approaches and seek to maximize value of every single cent of our client spending. We are proud to safeguard our client’s brand(s).