Mangosteen PR is the public relations agency of Mango Group under the Mango Media Group Company Ltd umbrella. We are registered as a full-service PR agency in 2014, formalizing our status as a pioneer in the emergence of a Public Relations industry in the country. We end-to-end PR services for our clients: from public or media events to press release development and distribution, media relations, strategic communications consulting, among others. As a public relations firm, we are the vanguards of our clients’ public image and messaging. We are accountable to providing the most cost-effective and most sound PR ideas and strategies to advance the business of our wards. Our belief in transparency, trust and understanding between media and client are key in maintaining a healthy discourse and messaging for our clients on the different media platforms. As of now, Mangosteen PR stands as one of the premier PR agencies that operate in Myanmar.

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Our Services

Mangosteen can help you reach the right audiences and deliver your key messages by offering you a wide range of PR services aimed to deliver results. Our team takes great pride in representing our clients and it is passionate about working with media outlets and local journalists to tell stories about your products, organization, mission and success.

We are natural storytellers and we want to share your story to make your brand stand out, strengthen your reputation and grow your business.

Our Strength


We can help you connect and communicate with your diverse group of stakeholders to deliver your key messages and strengthen your reputation.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Crisis management
  • Executive visibility and profiling programs
  • Business media relations
  • Messaging workshops
  • Strategy development
  • Internal Communication and Employee Engagement


Utilize our extensive network of media contacts to get your voice heard and extend the reach of your stories through the right media channels.

Strategy Development

Media events – tours, roundtables, press conferences

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Jason Sai

General Manager

No. 520, 3rd Floor, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Kominkochin Ward,
Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar