We strive to provide Value Added Quality Services to create impactful communication in transparent and professional manners to achieve clients’ trust as a brand builder.


Our dedicated team works to design campaigns that not only maximize the market presence of our clients, but also focus on development and social responsibility in Myanmar. We believe that transparency, trust and understanding are the keys to building relationships and fostering growth with our clients.


We provide not only cost-efficient service, but we also have competitive rates with value-added service.

Mango Advertising is a Creative Agency committed to delivering inspired marketing campaigns that resonate best with the local market

Mango Media is the largest media agency in Myanmar but, this isn’t just because of the size of our 65-strong team.

Mangosteen PR is the public relations agency of Mango Group under the Mango Media Group Company Ltd umbrella.

We are a bunch of young and wide-eyed digital natives committed to creating meaningful and memorable digital experiences. 

Passion Point is a 360 integrated – marketing communications agency…

M eXtra is the leading Media Trading Company in Myanmar for both traditional and digital platforms.

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